We divide our division into

Emergency Rescue Team

Provide human resources for client and fullfilling the demand, also supply the medicine.

Human and Resource Development

Develop the human with training made periodically and handle all of the delegation.


Provide and seek income for KPLA by producing and supplying.


Provide and maintain the outdoor inventory, also works as an example of environmental conservation.


Provide the documentation and editing of KPLA.

Public Relation

Maintain the relation of KPLA with the external organization and institution.


As a member of KPLA, we should uphold 4 philosophy which also the reason of the conformation of the organization
  • 1. Brotherhood

    Prioritize the other need first,

  • 2. Teamwork

    working together for shooting better result

  • 3. Never Give Up

    As we have a goal. We forbide to giving up until the goal is break through.

  • 4. ONE GOAL

    Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

    Our lastest events

    By upholding 4 philosophy we unite the zero to be a hero.

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